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  • Neomi Fletcher

This Mother’s Day I Am Choosing to Define Motherhood this Way

A daily commitment to redefining yourself

With every stage of Motherhood comes a new request from the younger people looking up to us. To yield our time, creativity, sympathy and our bodies to another human being with the hope that our commitment will assist them in discovering their own identity and purpose, changes us. Daily!

When our time is consumed by the hunger pains of our infants, we are asked to redefine

ourselves. When our creativity submits to discovering ways to capture the curiosity of our

toddlers, we are asked to redefine ourselves. When our schedules become consumed with

attending the events of our elementary students, WE are asked to redefine ourselves.

Knowing who we are despite the many sacrifices we make on a daily basis can be challenging. This daily quest challenges our minds, our hearts, our being. And yet, we continue to accept this commitment. We continue to believe that the decisions we are making are best for all persons involved. And many of them are. And even when they are not, we remain in the process of redefining ourselves.

This Mother’s Day I hope that the way you choose to define yourself pays tribute to the many responsibilities you juggle on a day-to-day basis. I hope it honors the plethora of opportunities you turn down to invest in the well-being of your offspring. Most of all, I hope your definition acknowledges how bold and courageous it is to intertwine your life, with the needs and desires of another.

Happy Mother’s Day

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