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  • Neomi Fletcher

PLAY Tips & Tricks

“We encourage families to loosen requirements and preconceptions of what ‘play’ is and embrace unrestricted and organic social interactions with each other.”

0-18 Months - Less is more!

This is a vital stage for developing attention span and concentration skills. Instead of noise and lights, go with simple household items. Practice grabbing, stretching, hand-eye coordination and shifting balance to ensure your child is able to investigate their surroundings with a high level of curiosity.

18-36 months - Move, Move, Move!

Gross motor skills can take on new heights as our young people discover all their bodies can do. Be the support your child needs to build confidence, but as much as possible keep those little bodies moving. Standing, bouncing, throwing (soft objects), dancing, pedaling, climbing are all good ways to encourage play.

3yrs - 5 years - I can do that too!

Imitation play is key at this stage. Our 3-5 year olds truly believe they can be like their parents. Invite them to join you in tasks. They will not view this as work! They enjoy being seen as capable of sharing tasks with the role models of their homes.

6 - 8 years - Creative Minds

At this stage you can partner ongoing knowledge acquisition with play to inspire your young one to limit screen time and keep investigating the world around them. Their ability to create new problems to solve will lead them to new discoveries if we provide the tools and space for this level of play.

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