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Paving the Way through Words

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

As parents, as those who participate in the upbringing of children, there are many considerations influencing how we interact with our young citizens. One of those realities it that our words, hold the capacity to both limit and loose our children. What do I mean?

With everything that we say, we are giving our children permission to either continue exploring or to establish a limitation. When we are walking outside, the things that we encourage them to explore verses the things we step away from shape their willingness to interact with the world around them. Because we as adults are the superheroes, we are the ones our children aspire to become like, everything we do and say holds weight.

With this blog entry, I would like to encourage each of us, whether grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles, teachers, nannies or friends of the family, to give ourselves permission to experience life in new ways. In doing so, we open the door for our children to experience the world in ways unfamiliar even to ourselves. As we continue to break free from our spaces of isolation and security, I offer you the following considerations when thinking of what words to share with the youngest members of your household.

  • What possibilities am I opening up for my child(ren) with this statement?

  • When our children invite us to play with them, we can use these moments to help build connections. We can use these moments to help them imagine weird and wacky possibilities. We can use these moments to let them wonder into a place of fantasy where their playtime becomes whatever they want it to be. Are we willing to dream with our children, to think outside of the norms we have been conditioned to accept and spend some time in the imaginary?

  • What fears or distastes do I possess that hinder me from releasing my child to fully explore this opportunity?

  • This is not to suggest that we remove the precautions necessary to protect our little ones from potential harm or danger . But there are other fears that we have - fear of heights, fear of getting wet, fear of darkness, etc. that we can pass to our children. There are things we may dislike - certain types of music, certain food groups, yet given that this is our children’s first opportunities of life, why not utilize our influence to encourage them to try things before they form an impression about them. Instead of limiting our children to the experiences we have grown comfortable with, why not use our words to motivate them to try something new. Who knows they might just like it.

By letting the possibilities outweigh the fears/distastes we possess as individuals, we give our children permission to find their own unique path to greatness. Let us aid our children in embracing the world around them, a world that is in need of reconfiguration as we learn once again to embrace each others presence.

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