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  • Neomi Fletcher

Innovation Station - The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Experiencing P.E.A.C.E.

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. But everyone should practice the skills of an entrepreneur in their homes. Why? Because our home is our free space. A place where we can try things and not fear the consequences if things do not go the way we expected. A place where we can see the extent to which we can bend rules and still maintain a clear conscience.

When I think of entrepreneurship, I think of one’s ability to have a new idea and explore how to make that idea become a real thing. Whether it is building a tent or having children that love each other, new ideas are always blossoming when it comes to thinking about how we want to raise our children, what we want our family to cherish together.

I work with parents who often fill that their ideas for their marriage are unachievable. I work with parents who have given up on hopes for their kids in exchange for something they read to be more effective. I live in community with parents who have forsaken their individual goals and hobbies to accommodate the needs of others in their households. But the P.E.A.C.E. model pushes families to imagine how their homes would operate if none of these exchanges were made. And we aim to support you in bringing to life the home routine and family dynamics you dream of.

We cannot afford to stop at the visioning process. This new year let's give ourselves permission to embrace entrepreneurship and commit to bringing these visions to life. For ourselves, for our partners, for our aging parents and for our children.

What new idea will you embrace for your household for 2022?

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