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  • Neomi Fletcher

Happy Women's 'Her-story' Month!

Women are the pioneers of early childhood development. Whether taking on the role of mother, aunt, teacher, nurse, grandma, coach, principal, neighbor, dentist, pediatrician, counselor or another influential role, it is the love, care and investment of women that allow every young person to feel safe and secure in this world. This month, in honor of women's herstory month, we salute you. For every sacrifice made to ensure that a young person knows they have value in the world, we salute you. For every kind word you have uttered to motivate a young person to keep believing in their potential, we salute you. For every wound you have covered with ointment, for every sleepless night, for every baked good you have made, for every hug you have extended...

We salute you.

No one dares imagine what the world would be like without the courage and commitment of women. Take a moment to celebrate your contributions to society. Take a moment to honor a women who has contributed to your personal journey through life.

Happy Women's Her-story Month!

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