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Authoritative? Uninvolved? Permissive? Authoritarian?

Authoritative? Uninvolved? Permissive? Authoritarian?

Which parenting style best describes your engagement with your children? How does that impact the advice you take and the advice you reject?


We're here to help. Join us for the P.E.A.C.E. Ground Parenting Book Review Series. We'll read and discuss some controversial topics related to parenting and household management in hopes of building the confidence to parent based on our own individual character and personality. We'll rate each book in hopes of helping others know how easily the book's recommendations can be put into practice. And we'll share successes and failures in hopes of shining light for someone else starting the journey of parenthood. You don't have to do everything the experts recommend to develop a strong bond with your children. Developing a household rhythm that falls in sync with who you are at your core is enough. The books selected for this year will help you realize the impact that can be made when you simply choose to be a parent that remains true to your self while loving everyone in your household. Join us on the 20th of each month for a fun-filled live discussion. See you soon.

Check out the first review on our YouTube Channel!

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