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An Inside Secret

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Instructional time in school is a very small portion of the day!

Fear typically generates when we do not know what to expect, what the outcome may be or how a system actually functions. My advice…Fear Not!

The only advice I can offer to parents who will continue to host their young children at home is fear not! The one thing I want parents to know as they seek a nanny share, as they seek a nanny, as they seek help for their child to learn is you do not have to fear.

Instructional learning time in school makes up a very small portion of the day!

Ask any home-schooling parent and they will agree…their child is able to get through more material at home than they are at school. Ask any home-schooling parent and they will share with you that one of the joys of home-schooling is that you can build in alternative activities. So let us not fret about the learning component. Children will learn and can learn if they are presented with meaningful learning tasks.

The other aspects of school that provide students with the support educational attainment are the areas of greater concern. I’ll speak to this in the next blog. For now I want to reassure you that if you continue to talk to your children, and present them with age appropriate learning activities, they will be fine. And don’t forget the recommended screen time for your child’s age when developing a method for incorporating virtual learning. There are many resources available that inform us of what skills children need at each age level. In my experience, it takes no more than 3 weeks to introduce a concept and develop a curiosity to implement that skill in daily life. Remember I specialize in the early childhood years - newborn to age 8. It may take a little longer for the more advanced concepts introduced in middle and high school. Nevertheless, connecting a learning task to real life application helps with learning and with independence. The more confident our children become in their ability to achieve things independently, the more space is allowed for parents to tend to other tasks.

As you move forward in planning how to get through the non-opening of schools, remember that instructional time is very small! You can teach your children to engage in learning with such concentration that they develop the ability to discover new information on their own.

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