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A Mind Ready for Rest

The P.E.A.C.E acronym was defined in reflection of the steps I took as a nanny to ensure that any child that spent at least four hours in my care was prepared for a full night’s rest at the end of my shift. When it came to defining the “A” there were many options available. Yet at the end of the day, “academics” was the final decision. This decision was not made based on supporting education. Academics was included because for the body to fully rest… (I have not done the research to see if the following statement is scientifically backed, it is simply a consistent observation from my practice of child rearing ) the brain needs to perform a certain number of connections forming activities. What do I mean by connection forming activities? Activities that cause the brain to connect two previously introduced concepts in hopes of creating a new concept. So, while my tips and tricks stop at age 8, the reality is that every person should ensure that their brain is properly stimulated each day to protect our sleep quality.

Due to the nature of P.E.A.C.E. Ground, this is not a simple promotion of education. This is a promotion of investigation, creation and challenge of the things that are passed to us as “knowledge.” I’m inspired by one of my 3-yr old friends who wanted to learn her mom’s favorite Disney character while at a 2020 version of a drive-in movie.

“Mom, who’s your favorite Disney character?”

With great excitement her mom quickly responded, “Mrs. Potts!”

After a brief pause, the 3-year-old replied, “Let’s try again. Mrs. Potts is not a character.”

You see she was looking for her mom to respond with the name of a person. This 3-year-old only recalled Mrs. Potts in the form of a teapot. Therefore, her mom’s answer was not sufficient. She was using her knowledge of a character to critique her mom’s reply. And the mom was able to expand her daughter’s definition of character because of this academic exercise.

Our focus on academics encourages all household leaders to engage those dwelling in your home to seek opportunities to build concept knowledge and utilize it to explore the validity of the encounters we have every day. When there is a mystery or when you enter unfamiliar territory, chart the course of finding out more about it and placing value on its contribution to the daily experience of life.

What theory is shaping your present reality? Is it a theory that needs retesting?

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