The P.E.A.C.E. Ground is a family life consultation service.


Through our consultation process, the playbook you form will increase your confidence, add purpose to your parenting and help you appreciate how the day-to-day investment is contributing to your ultimate goal.

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Our family consultation services will help you see the bigger picture, featuring three comprehensive packages to choose from according to your needs.

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Neomi Fletcher is a mobile family resource center. She is passionate about educating the community and connecting resources that equip her neighbors to flourish. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Rice University with a Minor in Early Childhood Education. She completed her Masters from Emory University in May of 2021.

Funfair Family



"Our relationship with NeNe began with a conversation about language development delays and managing big emotions. As a result of working with NeNe our children are more confident and we as parents are able to better manage their dynamics and guide them in strengthening their skills."

Ms. Frisk

“Neomi was a huge help for us, especially when our baby was young. As new parents, we were in over our heads with trying to figure out sleep, feeding, and just generally how to care for a young baby. Neomi did an awesome job giving us advice that was easy to understand and implement. She was always engaging our baby, working on motor skills and language skills. We were so happy to have had Neomi as part of our early parenthood!”

Mr. Lindsey

"We hired Neomi to help transition our daughter from grandma care to preschool. Neomi's First Day of School Prep program,was a life saver. Our daughter was a classroom leader from the moment she walked in the door! Reading to the students and greeting each child were some of the ways our daughter lead her preschool class. Our daughter was just accepted into the Gifted and Talented program and we know Neomi was an instrumental part of the process."

Daniels Family



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Virtual sessions are available.  Physical location does not hinder access to our services.

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